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Skhole is building the school of the future. Here you will learn independent of time and space. One login and you have access to all of our learning material - now and in the future.

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You can watch, listen to or read whichever lecture - with any device.

More material without selling out

All of our lectures have been produced with academia and other professionals, making the most of current research. Skhole is constantly expanding the course depository according the needs of the users. Researchers, teachers and experts deal with the science, we deal with the rest.

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Streaming for Education

The music and film industry have their own streaming services. So does education: the Skhole e-learning platform gives you the opportunity to study a diverse variety of lectures used in nursing education and in-house training for healthcare professionals. All of our courses are made available in video, audio and text format. With our service you have unlimited access to all of our material when and wherever.


Skhole is

Always at your Service

Study whenever and wherever you wish. Our E-Learning Platform is always open.

Your Study Aid

Test your progression with our online exams and let others see your expertise on your profile.

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Our study materials are available in video, sound and text format.


Your advancement and course achievements are posted in real-time to your own personalised profile.


Our E-Learning Platform works on all common devices, including mobile devices.

Under your control

You study at your own pace and you may revise the lecture materials however you wish.

Skhole features

For Students

  1. Skhole’s e-learning lectures are available in video, audio and text format. You can study the lectures in the order of your choosing and come back to them whenever.
  2. You can save your own notes and revise important sections later. You can also share your notes with other users and print them.
  3. With the help of the quizzes you can test your progression in the courses. The quiz reports will help keep track of your learning. At Skhole you can also take the final exams on your courses.
  4. You can engage in discussion with students, teachers and Skhole’s medical advisors. This way you get the support you need and you can share your knowledge with other users.

For Educational Organisations

  1. As an educational organisation you can manage your student groups. You can easily add and modify their user information.
  2. With statistics you can monitor and follow-up on your students’ course achievements. You can view the video lecture view statistics, course reports as well as quiz reports in real time.
  3. At Skhole you can organise official final exams on the courses at the time of your choosing. Use the reports to monitor and mark the exams in an easy and effective manner.

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New look - New Features

Welcome to our new e-Learning Platform!

As you probably have noticed, our website looks different. It also has new features and properties, which we will present below.

Should you face any problems, which our FAQ can’t solve, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service with the ‘Help’ button in the bottom corner.

New features and improvements:

  • We have a new motor behind our e-learning platform, which is more stable and easy to develop compared to its predecessor.
  • The new flat design brings clarity and composure
  • Interface better and simpler: After logging in your Courses view shows you first the courses you have started, then the courses you have not yet started and finally the courses, which you have already completed. The course listing also shows your progress bar.
  • New feature in the video player / Automatic progression:
    • If you activate this feature you no longer need to mark each unit/lecture completed after studying them. The system remembers this automatically and progresses naturally to the next lecture.
    • If this feature is activated you automatically progress to the next lecture after finishing the previous one.
    • If you have to leave while a lecture is halfway through, next time the video will automatically continue from the place where you left off. For this property to function properly, please don’t delete your cookies and remember to leave ‘Automatic progression’ activated.
  • New forum: A new, faster and easier forum is introduced. Here you can comment on the lectures and generally the website.
  • Schools and organisations may now themselves manage their students and add new ones to the Skhole e-learning platform.
  • Faster: Say your goodbyes to a slow and lagging website.

New e-Learning Platform

Autumn is a time for change and Skhole follows suit. This time we are doing a bit more than a little renovation. As it happens we are introducing a new, more stable and easily improvable system, Learn Dash. This will operate as the motor of our e-learning platform and with it comes various benefits.

Along with this slightly more ambitious update, our visual appearance will also change. By now most of you have already become familiar with our new logo. Now the whole website and learning platform will be given the face it deserves.

Don’t panic! The actual user experience as well as practicalities with logging in will remain similar. Our new system will, however, be faster and planning your studies will become more structured. Adding new students to the platform will also be easier, as teachers will be able to add students on their own initiative.

Our customer service remains ready and willing to help should you experience any problems and you’re not able to find the solution from Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). We are also in the process of making detailed videos, which will help you navigate the learning platform and get the most out of it.

So when you log in to Skhole this Friday, a new and better learning experience awaits you.



New player

We’ve Upgraded the Video Player: Speed adjustment

We are introducing a new video player on our E-learning platform this autumn. This upgrade will take place in phases and enables new features, the first of which is speed adjustment. You can already check out how the speed adjustment works in the Gynaecology lectures.

The speed adjustment feature requires a HTML5/MP4 supporting web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or the new versions of Internet Explorer. The feature does not yet work with mobile devices.

You can adjust the speed of the lecture video by clicking the “Video Playback Speed” button below the video box. This button will appear in those lectures where the feature is already installed and only if your browser supports speed adjustment.

If the button is visible but clicking it doesn’t work, try clicking on the right mouse button and switching to HTML5.



Syllabus Skholeism; Engaging the users

Skhole comes from the Greek word σχολή for learned discussion and place for lectures. These two elements are at the core of our vision. Our task is to offer students the facilities for efficient learning and a time and place independent platform for discussion, making the most of our digital user interface. Skhole has been open for one year now and we currently have over 3,000 students. How has it come to this?

It may sound like a cliché, but what makes us unique are the key people involved in our project. We are a mixed bunch of professionals from many a field, connected to each other through a mutual desire and motivation to work on and develop matters that are significant in society. Education and learning processes are among the foundation pillars of a well-functioning community and our responsibility is to bring the entire learning experience into this century.

That’s not the whole story. Members of teaching staff as well as students are also key people in our common project. In fact, one of our founding principles is an engaging attitude toward service-development. We believe that together with pedagogues and students we can accomplish something truly novel in the field of education. For this reason, we will continue to conduct surveys and ask about your opinions on the course modules we offer as well as the user experience. This engaging service-development is not limited to already existing material and user interface but instead we endeavour to involve our users in the creation of of new ideas, review of newly developed features and in the re-development thereof.

As one example of engaging service-development we will introduce opinion polls to entries on this website that introduce new features. This way we can tap into the mindset of the end-users and see whether there are benefits to be reaped or if the idea brings nothing new to the table. More on these shortly!

Together we stand, frolic and learn,


Duration of lectures added

We have recently put effort into improving the user experience of our E-learning system and website. The most recent feature is including the duration of lectures in the courses listing, course info page as well as the course navigation panel. This helps you with time management. You could for example check out a lecture matching the duration of your bus trip and make use of every minute.

Wishing you good studies,



Skhole Feedback Survey Results – Thanks and no thanks

Skhole asked active users of our E-learning platform to give feedback on our learning materials as well as the user interface. We are extremely grateful for all those who participated in the survey. It probably comes as no surprise that you are the very reason we conduct such questionnaires. Our objective is to include the end users, i.e. all of you students and teaching staff, in every step of the way to further development. This is how we aim to ensure the best possible tools for studying and teaching alike.

We received a whopping 279 responses! The feedback was by and large positive and many of you gave us worthy ideas for improving the overall learning experience.

Some of you longed for the traditional classroom in terms of teacher-student interaction and the possibility to ask questions. We are currently developing an interactive discussion forum, which will enable teachers and students to engage in conversation about the courses. Understandably, a forum cannot replace a real teacher-in-the-flesh, but we have to start somewhere. Moreover, this way we can provide a platform in which students may exchange ideas with one another.

A small percentage of respondents noted that the quality and fluency of the soundtracks in some lectures could be better. I can assure you that this is something that we will devote time to in the future.

The flexibility and freedom to study independently of time and space received by far the most praise from you. Students can revise the materials as often as needed and pause whenever they wish. Rumour has it that it’s also easier to learn when the material is broken down into smaller chunks.

We promised to award an iPad to one of the survey respondents. The wheel was spun and fortune came upon Nina. To the others, I offer you comfort, wish you an exciting summer and all the best in your studies!

Below you will find an infographic on the feedback survey results. It is more visual and more informative than my little piece of text. This time, a picture is worth at least a couple hundred words!


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